Welcome to the new home of Skid’s Run! We believe in providing a safe and stimulating environment for all dogs to learn and play.  All ages, sizes, and breeds welcome!!  Take a look at all we have to offer, then come on down and meet the team!

Due to Covid-19, we are implementing the following new procedures.

1.  Please take leashes with you instead of leaving them at the Daycare.

2.  Verbally sign your dog up for extra services (nail, training, lunch).

3.  Enhanced cleaning procedures include disinfectant wiping down of all client touchpoints (counters, door handles, etc.) multiple times a day.

4.  Please do not come into the Daycare if feeling unwell.  If self-isolating, speak with Ann on how we can ensure your pup is still getting the exercise and socialization it needs.

5.  Classes will NOT be held this week (March 16-22).

Thank you for your continued understanding!

A Great Place to Play

Come in and meet our amazing staff, and stay for the play! No need to be shy!

We’re always up to something new!

There are courses, workshops, all kinds of fun for you and your Pup to jump into! We love having fun learning!

Don’t Miss Out!

We know the sunshine on the floor is warm and comfy! Or the mud puddle along your walk is gorgeously wet and muddy! But where else can you meet so many like-minded Pups and people? We’d love to hear from you soon!