Blog ‘ n with Buttercup – Episode 1

Hi there, Buttercup checking in.  I’m to be registered as Windkist Princess Bride, a five month old Puli at present. Mom Ann calls me Buttercup.  Boy does she have a lot to learn as I have no intentions of being a pretty little yellow flower.

Mom Ann owns SKID’S RUN DOGGY DAY CARE. At work Mom Ann gives pats and loves.  She is kind, thoughtful and firm so all clients behave. That’s why all sizes and ages of dogs can be here at day care and get along.

Mom Ann, however, needs to leave her attitudes at work. I, Buttercup, do not mind her bringing home pats, loves, kind and thoughtful but that FIRM stuff stinks. At two months old I learned to jump on the couch, run over top of my human, make a “U” turn on the end table and run back. I got laughed at for about three runs then Mom Ann got grumpy. (She says FIRM.) Fur pals do you have trouble training your humans? Please respond. I need help. If Mom has her way I might end up a well behaved dog. My goal as Buttercup is not to let that happen.