Havoc Here

Hi there!  Havoc here.  Speaking from personal experience I want to shout from the roof tops that Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare is a multi-.  faceted facility.  Pay attention please – “multi-faceted” is a big word for a smooth Fox Terrier.

I go to doggy daycare and it’s absolutely grand.  All sizes, breeds, and energy levels of dogs. You, fur pals, have a choice of who you play with or you can just hang out and ask for extra pats.

Wa-La boarding.  You’ll never guess what I got to do.  Come on guess.  I Havoc figured boarding – CRATE – “No Mom, SAVE ME, NOT BOARDING!” WRONG! My learning curve was off the charts.  Pats, belly rubs, neck skretches and I slept on the boss’s feet on a sofa, couch, chesterfield or whatever you want to call it.  Up close and personal with the head honcho.

So if your human says, “BOARDING” let them know SKID’S RUN is the best.  Book your Christmas dates early.  I’m Havoc the great smooth Fox Terrier and I’m already booked.  I’ll show you the ropes.