Help, Bari from the U.S

Happy Holidays, Bari from the U.S. checking in. Information about Skid’s Run Doggy Day Care has filtered down to Arizona. Help me fur pals. How do I get there?

Do you ever need a break from the pesky cat? Moses is making me crazy. The other night I went in my crate to get a break from his tail swishing paw slapping ways. Mom was away. Moses “casually” walked by and pushed my crate door shut. Because I’m a perfectly obedient dog (all dogs are) I didn’t try and open the door.

Well I’ve had it! I need a break! Please fur pals head for Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare. As you are enjoying your day tell Mom Ann my plight. I must get to Skid’s Run for daycare or better yet let’s all make reservations for the Christmas Holiday. We could have a great time.

Get your Christmas reservations early. If I can get there I, Bari, the nearly perfect Puli, will be the dog sporting the Superman dog collar.

Need rescued from Moses,


P.S. If I don’t make it for Christmas I will for sure be there in June. (without Moses). Just me and Mom Rita.