New Year’s Eve!!



          New Year’s Eve is on its way.  Let’s run, jump, zoom some more and play.  Time to get your humans on board fur pals.  I’m Nanuk, a Samoyed.  I’m already booked for New Year’s Eve at Skid’s Run.

You need to realize that New Year’s Eve is grown up human night. They laugh, eat, and sometimes have a little of the bubbly. If they don’t go out your humans may have a party at home to celebrate. With all this commotion you need to be at Skid’s Run.

I, Nanuk, find these viable reasons for getting to Skid’s Run.

Humans going out – you are left alone (how sad). There might be fireworks (scary). No pats or  snuggles – anxiety sets in which means chewing, barfing, or messing might begin.  All of this is not a good outcome for you or your human that may step in the mess.

Humans having a party at home – You have feet to dodge or you’re banned to the cellar – not a great place for a furry feller.

At Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare, what can you do?

Run zoomies or bow and be chased by your friends. Next you might rest until the night ends. You can get pats and pick your own bed. When you need to go out it’s like a covered shed. Fresh water is handy and the floor is so safe. I don’t think they issue hats and noise makers, but toys abound and you can be the shaker. You will be safe and well cared for all through the night. You’re never left alone so you so you will not have a fright.


Call Skid’s Run I hope to see you there, I’ll be the prick eared white dog that has lots of hair.

Your Fur Pal,



P.S. Hope I get new friends to play with.