Arfetyhi! Oakley here,the not quite year old Puli. Ann is my sidekick.
Ann says I need an education.  I’m a pup so what does she know? I’m not sure 22 years with dogs counts for anything.  Ha!
Here’s my side of the story.  Pups need to find their voice. Ann says I use my “outdoor ” voice a lot. I run and plow into dogs that don’t have zoomies as fast as mine.  This makes her call me disrespectful.  I’m just being ME.
Ann has decided I need an activity that stimulates my brain.  So fur pals come and do SCENT TRAINING.  All we have to do is find a certain smell and tell our human.  I hope I can use my “outdoor ” voice when I find the smell. 
Call or stop by Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare and sign up for six weeks of classes.  Hope to see you there.
Barketywoofarf in my “outdoor” voice