So who, or what the heck is a skid? And why would I name my business after it?

Skid was a dog. A very special dog. Skid’s official name was BIS Am./Can. Ch. Windkist Black Ice. She was the first generation of my breeding program. She has the most wins of any Windkist dog. She produced some amazing children and contributed much to my breeding program. But Skid was so much more….

For 16 years, Skid was my constant companion. She lived and traveled with me through most of the Midwest USA and across Canada. She could usually be found sitting on the passenger seat of my car, guarding against intruders. Except intruders with Tim Horton’s muffins. They were allowed in. If they were willing to share. She spent every night hogging my bed. It’s amazing how much space a 25 pound dog can take up when they want to.

Skid was my best friend. She saw me through good and bad. I miss her constant presence and quiet companionship. I lost her a year ago at 16 years of age. I named this business Skid’s Run in tribute to her. She stole a piece of my heart…

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