Need a place for your pup while you’re away? Skid’s Run boarding is just the option for you! We offer overnight, cage-free boarding, where dog beds and cots will be easily accessible to any dog that wants them. Your pup will be joining the daycare dogs for play during the daycare hours, and then they get to play king of the daycare, as they and their caretakers settle in for the night! Mixing free play with a puppy sleepover, we offer the best care available! Contact Ann to schedule, or for more information.


$2 extra for medication.

All boarding must be booked in advance. Drop off at noon, pickup before noon. Dogs picked up or dropped off outside of these hours will incur additional daycare charges. Fee includes afternoon of daycare on day of intake, also morning of daycare on next day.

Owners must provide food for their dog, clearly labelled please.

Dogs must have: DHP, rabies and bordatella. Must have completed and passed a daycare assessment.

Register for Boarding Here