Not sure what class to take? Feeling the need to try something new with your dog? We have the classes just for you! Following is a list and description of all of the classes currently on offer at Skid’s Run! If you have any questions about which class is best for you, or you wish to sign up for the next available spot, be sure to contact us for more information and class times!



The most important class your dog will ever attend! We introduce basic obedience skills including coming when called, sit, down, stand, steady, leave it, and leash skills. We then continue to improve performance of behaviours while adding distance, distractions, and duration. Fast and consistent responses, reliability and increased complexity in a variety of real-life situations while offering more life rewards is the focus of these classes. We also discuss dog ownership challenges such as house training, nipping, and more! Dogs benefit from positive interactions with a variety of people, dogs, and equipment. We offer both Puppy / Beginner and Competitive.


(Prerequisite: Puppy/ Beginner or equivalent)

Put your skills to the test! Rally Obedience requires teamwork between dog and handler providing a fast-moving and motivational activity that demonstrates the competency of handler and dog in performing basic obedience exercises without needing exact precision for success. This class will introduce you to rally signs and courses while building confidence for both dog and handler. Dogs in rally obedience events should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment. To that end, handlers may use praise, encouragement, and petting throughout a rally course. We offer both Novice and Advanced.


These classes are geared toward teaching the arts of Conformation Handling which will include learning how a dog show works, how points towards a Canadian Championship are attained, how to fill out an entry form and tips on what type of equipment is required and/or recommended. You and your dog will have a great time learning how to gait, stack and show off virtues while minimizing faults and how to win and lose with grace. We also offer a drop-in class, for those that can’t make the normally scheduled class. Be sure to contact us for more information about times and dates! We offer both Beginner and Advanced.


Teach puppies and young adults the basics of retrieving.  While geared towards the retrieving sport, will also be good for teaching your puppy how to retrieve and return.  Focus on building natural retrieval drive and recall.  No prerequisite required.

Introduction to Scent Detection

This class will offer an introduction to the world of sporting scent detection. Class will cover some theory on how scent behaves, background info on the origin of the sport and a look at dog’s greatest gift – their nose!
Sporting Detection is the fun and competitive version of scent detection such as for narcotics, termites or explosives, and is also known as “nosework”. The beautiful thing about this sport is that all dogs are welcome to play! All breeds, sizes, ages, and even dogs with spatial sensitivities or disabilities can enjoy scent detection. It is a true team sport where both dog and handler must rely on one another and must work together to be successful. Scent detection is mentally stimulating for the dog and it is a relatively easy game to play at home to tire your pup out. Sporting detection participation has proven to build confidence in dogs and allows dogs to do something that comes entirely natural to them….SNIFF! We offer both Intro and Advanced.
Equipment required: 6’ (or longer) leash, non-restrictive harness or a buckle collar, treat bag or a pocket that is easily accessible, LOTS of bite-sized soft tasty treats (we recommend hot dogs, cheese, sausage, etc. not kibble or hard crunchy treats) and a hungry dog! It is recommended that your pup not have dinner before class.


A few times a year, instead of 6 weeks of classes, we offer bootcamps! These are condensed into 5-6 days of classes in a single week! 


A strong recall can save a dogs life, and it creates a stronger relationship between human and pup! For 5 days in a row, our trainer will introduce you to the building blocks of a strong recall, and how to enforce the command. Slowly, the tasks will get harder! Toys, treats, and other dogs will act as a distraction to your dogs recall! Weather permitting, one of the days you will put your dogs recall to the test by going to a local park! If you are not comfortable with your dog by the time we go to the park, we also have extremely long leashes to put your mind at ease! Contact us to find out our next date! 

Canine Good Neighbor (CGN)

For 5 days, you and your pup will learn the 12 areas your dog will be tested on to earn their CKC CGN title! On the 6th day, a CKC tester will conduct the test, and if your pup passes, they will wear that title with pride! You also have the option of just taking the test instead of the whole bootcamp and test. Test space is restricted to a set number, so spots are limited. If you are interested in knowing when our next CGN bootcamp and test are, contact us!