Holidays Are Coming!

Snow is coming! So what is going on around the daycare during the winter?


From December 1st – December 23th, every Tuesday and Thursday, our daycare will be open from 6:30 am-9:30 pm! Normal daycare rates apply, but for 12-15 hours of daycare will be $42*! Bring their food for dinner time, and we will take care of the rest!


From December 1st – January 4th, our Holiday Boarding Rates will apply. For every 24 hour period, it will be $45*. This rate is not able to be used in place of our “New Years Special,” and will only apply to bookings that are NOT a single night stay on December 31st. We also will not be having pick-ups or drop-offs on CHRISTMAS DAY.

*Taxes are not included

Arfetyhi! Oakley here,the not quite year old Puli. Ann is my sidekick.
Ann says I need an education.  I’m a pup so what does she know? I’m not sure 22 years with dogs counts for anything.  Ha!
Here’s my side of the story.  Pups need to find their voice. Ann says I use my “outdoor ” voice a lot. I run and plow into dogs that don’t have zoomies as fast as mine.  This makes her call me disrespectful.  I’m just being ME.
Ann has decided I need an activity that stimulates my brain.  So fur pals come and do SCENT TRAINING.  All we have to do is find a certain smell and tell our human.  I hope I can use my “outdoor ” voice when I find the smell. 
Call or stop by Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare and sign up for six weeks of classes.  Hope to see you there.
Barketywoofarf in my “outdoor” voice



This is Piper, the best Golden Retriever my humans have. (Shush, don’t tell anyone I’m their only Golden Retriever.) Well I’m embarking on a new adventure in my life. I want you, fur pals, to come join me.  Guessing you’ll probably have to bring your human too.  Let me tell you  how this all got started.

Not too long ago our humans celebrated something called the New Year. With that comes a thing called making resolutions. I think that is when you say you’re going to do something and stick to the plan. There are resolutions about losing weight, being on time etc. Most of those according to my great survey of at least 1 person fail. As their resolution my humans decided I need to be obedience trained. I will attend a specific number of classes and do something called graduate. I don’t want to do this alone.

I had a talk with Ann from Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare and Ann assures me this will be fun. She called it a TAIL WAGGIN GOOD TIME. Our people will be trained on how to walk beside us and not pull on our lease.  When we wag our tails these humans will get all happy and praise us.  Ann says she and her trainers will make training our people an easier job.  Fur pals we don’t have to do this alone.

Tell your humans about Skid Run’s Dog Obedience.  You will go along to help them succeed. Ann will list the classes and together you and your person can pick what’s right.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  Remember my name is Piper, the best Golden Retriever in my household.


New Year’s Eve!!



          New Year’s Eve is on its way.  Let’s run, jump, zoom some more and play.  Time to get your humans on board fur pals.  I’m Nanuk, a Samoyed.  I’m already booked for New Year’s Eve at Skid’s Run.

You need to realize that New Year’s Eve is grown up human night. They laugh, eat, and sometimes have a little of the bubbly. If they don’t go out your humans may have a party at home to celebrate. With all this commotion you need to be at Skid’s Run.

I, Nanuk, find these viable reasons for getting to Skid’s Run.

Humans going out – you are left alone (how sad). There might be fireworks (scary). No pats or  snuggles – anxiety sets in which means chewing, barfing, or messing might begin.  All of this is not a good outcome for you or your human that may step in the mess.

Humans having a party at home – You have feet to dodge or you’re banned to the cellar – not a great place for a furry feller.

At Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare, what can you do?

Run zoomies or bow and be chased by your friends. Next you might rest until the night ends. You can get pats and pick your own bed. When you need to go out it’s like a covered shed. Fresh water is handy and the floor is so safe. I don’t think they issue hats and noise makers, but toys abound and you can be the shaker. You will be safe and well cared for all through the night. You’re never left alone so you so you will not have a fright.


Call Skid’s Run I hope to see you there, I’ll be the prick eared white dog that has lots of hair.

Your Fur Pal,



P.S. Hope I get new friends to play with.

Help, Bari from the U.S

Happy Holidays, Bari from the U.S. checking in. Information about Skid’s Run Doggy Day Care has filtered down to Arizona. Help me fur pals. How do I get there?

Do you ever need a break from the pesky cat? Moses is making me crazy. The other night I went in my crate to get a break from his tail swishing paw slapping ways. Mom was away. Moses “casually” walked by and pushed my crate door shut. Because I’m a perfectly obedient dog (all dogs are) I didn’t try and open the door.

Well I’ve had it! I need a break! Please fur pals head for Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare. As you are enjoying your day tell Mom Ann my plight. I must get to Skid’s Run for daycare or better yet let’s all make reservations for the Christmas Holiday. We could have a great time.

Get your Christmas reservations early. If I can get there I, Bari, the nearly perfect Puli, will be the dog sporting the Superman dog collar.

Need rescued from Moses,


P.S. If I don’t make it for Christmas I will for sure be there in June. (without Moses). Just me and Mom Rita.

Havoc Here

Hi there!  Havoc here.  Speaking from personal experience I want to shout from the roof tops that Skid’s Run Doggy Daycare is a multi-.  faceted facility.  Pay attention please – “multi-faceted” is a big word for a smooth Fox Terrier.

I go to doggy daycare and it’s absolutely grand.  All sizes, breeds, and energy levels of dogs. You, fur pals, have a choice of who you play with or you can just hang out and ask for extra pats.

Wa-La boarding.  You’ll never guess what I got to do.  Come on guess.  I Havoc figured boarding – CRATE – “No Mom, SAVE ME, NOT BOARDING!” WRONG! My learning curve was off the charts.  Pats, belly rubs, neck skretches and I slept on the boss’s feet on a sofa, couch, chesterfield or whatever you want to call it.  Up close and personal with the head honcho.

So if your human says, “BOARDING” let them know SKID’S RUN is the best.  Book your Christmas dates early.  I’m Havoc the great smooth Fox Terrier and I’m already booked.  I’ll show you the ropes.

Blog ‘ n with Buttercup – Episode 1

Hi there, Buttercup checking in.  I’m to be registered as Windkist Princess Bride, a five month old Puli at present. Mom Ann calls me Buttercup.  Boy does she have a lot to learn as I have no intentions of being a pretty little yellow flower.

Mom Ann owns SKID’S RUN DOGGY DAY CARE. At work Mom Ann gives pats and loves.  She is kind, thoughtful and firm so all clients behave. That’s why all sizes and ages of dogs can be here at day care and get along.

Mom Ann, however, needs to leave her attitudes at work. I, Buttercup, do not mind her bringing home pats, loves, kind and thoughtful but that FIRM stuff stinks. At two months old I learned to jump on the couch, run over top of my human, make a “U” turn on the end table and run back. I got laughed at for about three runs then Mom Ann got grumpy. (She says FIRM.) Fur pals do you have trouble training your humans? Please respond. I need help. If Mom has her way I might end up a well behaved dog. My goal as Buttercup is not to let that happen.



Recall Boot Camp!

Skid’s Run is proud to offer a one week course dedicated to improving recalls! Don’t take your dog to the park because you’re worried they might not come back? Ever had to chase your dog around the neighbourhood because they saw a rabbit? This one week course will teach you how to teach your dog to come every time you call! This class will run from August 27th to 31st. Class will be for 1 hour every night that week. We will start the class at Skid’s Run and by the end of the week will be working at outdoor locations. This camp is limited to 9 dogs and there will be three instructors teaching. Cost is $250 for the week. A strong recall can save your dog’s life!! Give us a call to get signed up!