In an effort to offer our clients the most encompassing range of services to help them with their Pups, we also have these fine services for new and old!

Mat Rental

For $50/hour, individuals and groups can rent our 5000 square foot space, along with our covered outdoor space. Whether you need an open space to practice your skills, or just want to stay out of the cold, we have what you need! Contact us for more information. 

Breed Consults

Looking for a new furry companion, but don’t know where to start? We’d be happy to talk to you about your canine options! Heck, we may even be able to introduce you to a few through our network of responsible breeders and rescue societies. We want you to have the best match, and the best experience possible!

Litter Grading

Need a hand grading that new litter of pups? We have the resources and experience to help you out, and give the pups the best chance in life possible. We’ve broken it down to three areas:

Temperament Testing

Puppy Pictures

Written Total Evaluation

You get to choose any or all three of these options for your future champions. For Temperament Testing, each puppy is evaluated using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. Each puppy will be tested by an experienced Dog Trainer to determine what kind of home your Pup would be most suitable for.

Next, you can choose to take Puppy Pictures, done by our in house professional photography, Nightbloom Photography. Each Pup will receive a front shot and a side shot, and (for an extra fee) any other picutre that you desire! The beautiful pictures will arrive to you in digital format, ready for you to print, send, or admire as you choose.

Our third option available to you and your litter is the Written Total Evaluation. With this option you receive a one page, written structural evaluation based on the Canadian Kennel Club breed standards. We will provide a group specialist to look at your litter, and give you an idea of how your Pups will grow up!


Temperament Testing – $25.00/puppy

Puppy Pictures – $25.00/puppy

Written Total Evaluation – $25.00/puppy

Total Package – $55.00/puppy

*GST not included.

Contact us for any questions, an appointment, or for more information!