Joanne Thielen

I have been involved with Dog sports since 2000, I was introduced to Agility because I had a dog that was anxious. I continued the sport until my one dog was too old for agility and then in 2015, my other dog was shutting down as she is fearful of noise. She loves doing agility outside but inside arenas were too loud. We started our search and then in 2015 a new sport called Sporting Detection was beginning to show up in western Canada. I tried it with my fearful dog and she loved it. We have been competing since summer of 2015. Leelu has earned her MACH and her Championship. She has 3 Elite titles and on her way to Grand Champion, and Elite- ACH. My older Dog Rebel, whom has crossed over the rainbow bridge also enjoyed the sport and was one component away from getting her Excellent title. She did what we loved to do together the week before and it was a great memory. I have been teaching since 2017 and really love bringing this sport to new dog teams. It is my goal to let your dogs have fun while learning to do what they do naturally.