Keith Cooper

Keith has taken numerous classes and attended seminars over the years with many top instructors and obedience/rally judges. He has always trained using only positive training methods. He often volunteers ring stewarding or judging fun matches.

He started competing in 1997 with his Shepherd X Tazia. The UKC was the only place where mixed breeds were allowed to compete at that time. In their very first trial in Calgary they took High in Trial and went on to complete the U-CD title with two more first places. They finished the U-CDX title in 1999.

In order to compete in CKC, Keith’s next dog was a registered Doberman Pinscher named Tyson. They competed in both CKC and UKC and obtained their CD title in 1998 and their U-CD in 1999. A highlight for them was obtaining a HIT in 2000 in the UKC Novice C class.

Keith adopted his Border Collie X Ricki from a rescue in 2002. They earned the U-CD title in 2003 with a HIT and went on to earn the U-CDX title in 2008 with three first place finishes. They also had two High in Trials in the UKC Novice C class in 2008.

In 2005 Keith started competing in APDT Rally-O with Ricki. In three years they completed the RL3 level and earned several top 10 Canadian placements and High in Trials. They also did UKC Rally-O and finished the URO-2 title in 2011 with a HIT and two first place finishes.

Lukas, another Doberman Pinscher, joined the family in 2008. In 2010 they obtained their CD followed by a CDX in 2012. The U-CD title was earned in 2011 and the U-CDX in 2012 (including one HIT placement). In 2011 Lukas was the CKC #4 Doberman in obedience in Canada. In CKC rally they finished the RAE level in 2013 with a high score in class. Lukas was the CKC #1 Doberman in rally in Canada in 2012, #4 in 2013  and #3 in 2014. In UKC rally they completed the URO-3 level in 2014 earning another HIT along the way.

Keith loves dogs and for the past 10 years he has also fostered many dogs for the Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART). Since retiring in 2018 he also does transporting of rescued dogs for them.